Livable Homes

A new home can be designed and tailored for your unique circumstances.

By making smart design inclusions at the outset, a home can make your life easier and be your home for the rest of your life.

accessible-kitchenFor the elderly, injured and people with a disability, accessibility  can be a significant issue with traditional building design.  By incorporating our design features such as wider doorways, no steps and specially designed bathrooms, our Lifetime Homes look no different from any other house, but provide you with a much more functional home that can encourage independent living and delay the need to go to a retirement home.

We believe homes are more than just for sleeping and eating.  We try to discover what’s really important to you and like to incorporate this into our Lifetime Homes.  For example, you may have a special hobby (craft, sewing, dog grooming, woodwork, collecting, art) or lifestyle requirements (campervan parking, vegetable garden, home gym). We brainstorm ways to incorporate such areas into your Lifetime Home so you can easily enjoy doing the things you love.

accessible-bathroomWe design and build to the Livable Housing Design Guidelines to achieve a functional home that will make life easier for people with a disability.  We can work with your Occupational Therapist to include specific design elements that are tailored to your individual requirements.  These Livable Housing Design Guidelines not only benefit people with a disability, but also benefit those who might be recovering from an operation in a wheelchair or receiving visitors with a twin pram or walking frame.

Some elements of Livable Housing Designs that we recommend are:

  • No Steps
  • Wider doorways, hallways and garages
  • Lever door hardware
  • Reinforced walls suitable to fix grab rails, either now or in the future
  • Stepless showers
  • Spacious kitchens
  • Specific appliances (eg sideways opening ovens)