Lifetime Homes can provide the best in sustainable living practices.

Sustainable design is important to us and we believe it will save you money over the life of the building by reducing heating, cooling and water bills.  There are many simple ways to create an energy efficient home that will improve health and wellbeing.

A house filled with natural light is a delight to be in and improves your overall outlook on life.  We design our homes to ensure the orientation, floorplan and windows make the most of the sunlight.  An energy efficient home can be beneficial for clients who are susceptible to changes in temperature, which can be extreme in Tasmania.

Features we include as standard are:

  • Double Glazed windows
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Wall and Roof insulation

Optional features you might like are:

  • Renewable Energy: solar panels for electricity or hot water
  • Water saving devices
  • Water tanks
  • Landscaping with water saving and time saving devices for watering your garden beds and vegetables.