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Peter and Sharon Overton are a husband and wife team who started Lifetime Homes Tasmania.

Between 2010 and 2015 we traded as Overton Projects.  In 2015 we re-branded our business to Lifetime Homes Tasmania to better reflect our home building service and to specialise our services to a specific residential target market that we believed needed our expertise.

Throughout 2021 and 2022, however, the building industry entered the perfect storm: fixed contracts, lengthy delays in getting products and materials, COVID19, Ukraine war causing increase in material prices and shortages of materials and labour etc.

In June 2022, we made the tough decision to wind back the business by making our staff redundant and while we would complete the jobs we were contracted to, we decided not to take on any new jobs. Thankfully due to our financial management, risk assessment and proactive action, we paid our staff their redundancy and full entitlements and do not owe any clients, staff or subcontractors any outstanding money.

With our CarePort rentals, in July 2023 we handed over the reigns to Daniel and Colleen from Mele Plumbing & Bathrooms who are now the Tasmanian distributors of CarePorts. You can contact them for a quote via email: [email protected] or phone: 0424 795 350.

We would like to thank all our valuable clients, staff and subcontractors we have worked with when we ran our own business and wish you all the very best.

As for us: Sharon’s being working for the Tasmanian Government since Oct 2022, and has recently been promoted as a Budget Officer for the Federal Budget in Canberra from Jan 2024 so our family will be moving to the ACT. Pete will take a well deserved break – we’re calling it long service leave.  Perhaps he’ll even have some time to pursue his love and passion of fine woodwork.

Signing out,
Pete and Sharon

From 2018 to mid 2023 Lifetime Homes was the Tasmanian distributor of the CarePort, a portable accessible bathroom solution ideal for use during home modifications and while recovering from hospital.

For those dealing with medical or physical conditions, accessing a standard bathroom can cause a significant amount of distress and can prevent them from staying in their own homes.  Being allowed to go home earlier from hospital with use of a CarePort helps relieve the extreme pressure on our health system by freeing up hospital beds and allowing people to stay in the comfort of their own home. The CarePort has a standalone shower or a shower / toilet combination that provides independence, privacy, safety and convenience and is available for purchase or hire.

In July 2023 we handed over the Tasmanian distribution of the CarePorts to Daniel and Colleen from Mele Plumbing & Bathrooms. Feel free to contact Daniel and Colleen for a quote via email: [email protected] or phone: 0424 795 350.


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