Lifetime SmartHome

In 2017 we developed and built the Lifetime SmartHome, Tasmania’s first universal access display home.

Built to the Platinum level of the Livable Housing Australia Design Guidelines, the Lifetime SmartHome included over 30 accessible features including reinforced bathroom walls, no steps and wider doorways and hallways.  The thoughtful design and high quality build demonstrates that it is possible to have both an accessible and functional home as well as one that is inspirational, modern and stylish in its design.

Our unique concept attracted a lot of interest in the community and media.  We featured on the radio, TV news, print media and community newspapers.  This is the Southern Cross News footage of the ‘Frame Stage Feedback Day’ which we held part way through the build to gain valuable feedback about the design:

Smart Assistive Technology was integrated throughout, including voice and touch controls and motion sensors.  The motion sensors detect movement at night and turn on low level lighting to help prevent falls.  Alternatively if there was no movement in the home, an SMS can automatically be sent to an adult child or support worker.  This enables someone to truly age in place while still providing them with independence, control, safety and wellbeing.

Lifetime SmartHome Awards

So who ended up buying the Lifetime SmartHome?